TCU student turns her passion into profit


Party decorations made by Kaitlyn Snider. (Photo courtesy of Kaitlyn Snider)

By Chaelie DeJohn, Staff Writer

From designing 21st birthday signs to painting bottles, Kaitlyn Snider found a way to take her hobby to the next level.

A junior interior and architectural design major at TCU, Snider creates and sells custom artwork. Creating has always been a stress outlet for Snider. Now, that outlet has turned into a small business. 

“When I got here this business sort of took off because one of my friends turned 21, and I created her 21st birthday sign and I painted flowers all around and made it look very much like her aesthetic and then it just kind of went from there,” Snider said. “I’ve just made other things and I paint all the time when I can because I find it very calming and it’s a very stressful world right now.” 

It keeps her busy, but Snider has learned how to balance the workload.

“So while I have a lot of things to do for that a very time consuming major, like I said it’s a stress outlet, so it’s not another task for me per say, it’s more of a you get to do this and you get to take away the stress that you’re currently doing right now and focus on this and then you can go back after you’ve cleared your head,” Snider said. “I also see it as another outlet so when I’m working on something I get inspired for my school work as well.” 

Creating artwork for others is what inspires Snider to take on additional projects. 

“Honestly anything that you are passionate about you can turn it into something that other people will like,” Snider said. “You never know what could come of it. I didn’t think it would really go further than just making birthday signs for my friends’ birthdays but now it’s more than just birthday signs.”