Making the grade

Starting GuardsMarcus Shropshire : A

Shropshire led the team in points, and he was the only Frog to have any success from three-point range. He played 36 minutes on a night when the Frogs had to show their depth.

Brent Reese-Hackett : C+

Reese-Hackett only played 16 minutes, but he didn’t hurt the team in his first career start.

Nile Murry : B

Murray had a hard night from three-point range and left early with an injury. But he played well, leading the team in assists and steals for the night.

Starting Forward

Marcus Sloan : B+

Sloan played well, pulling down nine rebounds. He also led the team in blocks and held his own on the defensive end of the court.

Starting Center

Femi Ibikunle : A

Ibikunle led the team in rebounds and willed his way to the free-throw line nine times. He was the Frogs’ strongest presence down low.

Bench : A

With Corey Santee coming off the bench, it’s hard to give lower than an A. As soon as Santee came into the game, the Frogs were able to get into rhythm. Aaron Curtis’ seven rebounds (including three offensive boards) off the bench are also mentionable.

Overall : B

It was an ugly game, but the Frogs were able to pull together and win. After going 2-11 in the first half from behind the arc, they changed their gameplan and pulled away, outscoring the Cougars by 10 in the second half.