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The Skiff and TCU 360 Archives

The Skiff, Volume 1, Issue 2. The first issue is not archived and may be lost to time.

Student Media has been a part of Texas Christian University since Sept. 19, 1902, when Ed S. McKinney published the first edition of The Skiff. For more than 120 years, Horned Frogs from across campus have brought campus news, sports and feature stories to newsstands and, eventually, computers and cell phones.

The Skiff became just one of the products under the TCU 360 umbrella in 2011, along with TCU News Now, PolitiFrog, the 109 and Image magazine. It has grown to include The Leap, a weekly pop culture show, and Unscripted, a weekly sports talk show.

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All stories published by Student Media reporters since 2011 are available on TCU 360.

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A staff writer reports on the launch of The Skiff online.

The Skiff archives

The Special Collections staff of TCU’s Mary Couts Burnett Library has digitized nearly all issues of The Skiff/Daily Skiff from 1902 through 2008, which are available through its Digital Repository. Digital copies of The Skiff from fall 2015 to the most recent issues are linked below.

PDF issues on TCU 360

Volume 122  | 2023–24 | Editor Walter Flanagin

Volume 1212022–23 | Fall Editor Ariel Wallace, Spring Editor Walter Flanagin

Volume 1202021–22 | Editor Lonyae Coulter

Volume 119 |2020–21 | Editor Alexandra Lang

Volume 1182019–20* | Editor Drew Mitchell

Volume 1172018–19 | Editor Richard Edgemon

Volume 116 | 2017–18 | Editor Andrew Van Heusden

Volume 1152016–17 | Editor Hank Kilgore

Volume 1142015–16 | Editor Jocelyn Sitton

* Publication of The Skiff ended earlier in Spring 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic and resumed in fall 2020. Online publication continued during this time.