Lending a hand

Anything we can do to return the survivors of Hurricane Katrina to some sense of normalcy is vital.For this reason, the Skiff commends TCU, Southern Methodist University, Texas Southern University, Rice University and the Houston public school system for allowing students displaced by Katrina to enroll late and attend these institutions.

However, students attending TCU will have to pay tuition here in addition to that paid to their respective universities.

This situation is complicated because the schools taking in late arrivals need funding for additional students.

The schools closed as a result of the disaster, however, will have a difficult time transferring funds back to students in such large numbers quickly.

The situation becomes more complicated when one considers the salaries of the professors at the closed universities.

These professors have just lost their homes, and if the schools refund tuition for the semester, how can salaries be paid?

At a newspaper, it is our job to ask questions, but now there are few answers available.

Perhaps this is indicative of the most far-reaching effect of a major catastrophe: How does society move out of disaster’s shadow?

Opinion Editor Brian Chatman for the Editorial Board