Second SGA election

A second election today will fill two seats left vacant from the first House of Student Representatives election.Students in the College of Science and Engineering will choose between Kristi Tebo and Genniffer Williams. Students in the College of Communication will choose between Brian Goates and Rachael Anderson.

Both Tebo and Williams said the seats weren’t filled because not enough people knew about the election.

Students did not run because of the “lack of interest, motivation or information,” Tebo said.

Tebo, a sophomore neuroscience major, said she decided to run in the second election because she was not prepared for the first. When there was a vacancy, Tebo saw her chance.

She said her motivation for the election is that she feels she can represent her constituents well.

Williams, a junior psychology and studio art major, did not win in the first election for the College of Fine Arts. When she saw the vacancy for the College of Science and Engineering, Williams decided to run.

“I decided to run again because I really want to be involved and I plan on being involved in whatever way I can, whether I win or not,” Williams said.

She said her motivation is that she cares about both majors and feels like she could represent either one.

Goates, a sophomore radio-TV-film major, said he decided to run after reading about the election results. He said his motivation for running was embarassment.

“I believe the business school had a three-way tie and yet there were not enough people to fill six seats for the communications school,” Goates said. “Frankly, I thought it was embarrassing.”

Anderson, a junior communication studies major, said she is running because it is important for the College of Communciation to have full representation.

“I felt the need to step up and fill the gap,” Anderson said.

Making sure things are accomplished in the House is Anderson’s motivation for the election, she said.