TCU could use more drama

RTVF soap opera is great start but we need full stationThere may be enough drama in most college students’ lives, but maybe there is room for a little more.

The radio-TV-film department’s recent announcement that it is going to put together a student-run soap opera is a great idea.

Where else but college will students get the opportunity to learn the ropes and experiment with different forms of media from newspapers to television, from theater to film?

If anything, the production can help bring various departments together. Since the RTVF department isn’t limiting tryouts to just its own department, this project helps promote unity campuswide. If various departments were to come together, TCU could have an amazing production. If the theatre department encouraged its majors to try out, and the fine arts school jumped on board to put together the scenery, and the marketing students marketed it, majors of all sorts might find a connection to each other.

Why stop at a soap opera?

With TCU News Now and a soap opera on the way, having a TV channel dedicated solely to TCU doesn’t seem so far out of reach.

Imagine a made-for-TCU movie. Also, student-made short films could be a great source of content.

Inevitably, someone will attempt a “Friends”-like sitcom, replacing the Central Perk coffee shop with Jazzman’s.

Every student at TCU could benefit from a true campus television station.

Whether we want to be involved in the production, or if we just want a new television show to watch, student-run TV would offer a new experience and give our campus unique character.

Janelle Stecklein for the Editorial Board