College loans increasing

TCU is in the hole to the tune of $50 million – not the university, but the student body.Student loans went from helpful tools to necessity as tuition skyrocketed across the country.

It is dangerous to build up a great deal of debt in college, but what are students to do if that debt is the only way to get into college in the first place?

As nice as it would be to have someone step in and make this debt go away and ensure education for anyone who wants it, a government with a rising debt of its own would have a hard time finding the funds.

Some businesses will pay for college education in return for a commitment to work for them. In a down economy, however, it is quite possible that these programs could disappear as well.

Rising costs of fuel and other goods force companies to work more efficiently. Universities cannot be expected to help relieve the debt if they are increasing tuition at the same time.

The only option left is to find ways to conserve our money.

What does this mean for students? Don’t run up debt on credit cards or spend too freely while in college. Students must learn to save a large amount of their income to cover loans if they can’t get a job right after graduation.

Everyone in college should become intimately aware of their financial well-being and plan accordingly.

Opinion Editor Brian Chatman for the Editorial Board