Ministers bless pets in honor of St. Francis

Every dog has its day, and today Nova, the German Shepherd, enjoyed her blessing and treats at the TCU Blessing of the Animals.Nova was one of the many animals at the blessing, including chickens, cats and rabbits. All the animals mingled for an hour without too much disruption.

The blessing was a gathering of owners and pets to celebrate the lives of animals and creation.

Nova, and her owner, Leah Metzger, a junior biology major, attended the pet blessing at 5:15 p.m. outside Robert Carr Chapel.

“I’m from Alabama and having Nova blessed makes me feel like she is protected here,” Metzger said.

The blessing was in honor of Saint Francis, patron saint of animals, and on Nova’s collar was an emblem of St. Francis.

The ceremony was a brief service including creation praise songs, a short sermon from Ann Smith, the TCU Ministries intern for worship, spiritual life and pastoral care, The Prayer of St. Francis and the blessing of the animals by the Rev. Angela Kaufman and the Rev. Katie Low.

“If you think about the unconditional love your dog has for you, it’s a lot like God’s love,” Smith said in her sermon.

The sermon was followed by individual pet blessings. Each pet trotted forward to the steps outside of the chapel and received a prayer or blessing from either Kaufman or Low.

Donations from the blessing went to the nonprofit organization, Noah’s Wish, which gives shelter to animals who were impacted by Hurricane Katrina.

After the service many owners and pets mingled and enjoyed refreshments together.