Your View

I gave my honest thoughts on the theft story to a TCU reporter Thursday and again yesterday, Oct. 10, I read the article and was appalled when the entire interview was summed up to my thought that TCU needed more security!In fact, what I said was the following:

The reason that this happened can be blamed on a half-caring, half-funded program that ranks security very low on its priority list. The best solution would be to secure the TCU perimeter with militia. But since that’s not possible, triple the TCU Police or hire a private firm; one where there is a patrol in every parking lot.

We have been told to reach out and help the poorer communities that surround TCU – seems that some are helping themselves to us. Since we are totally aware of our surroundings, we must spend more money protecting the students and staff on campus. If this is not taken seriously, then perhaps legal action of victims will, or a murder may spur more of a reaction.

The deductible on my insurance for this “mishap” is $500. In addition, I cannot drive my Tahoe back to work because, as you have read in the previous article, “He’ll be back.” This is a game to them, and they are playing it well, but at other people’s expense. I will have to buy another car, pay another car payment, and find the best car insurance I can afford. This incident will pretty much take my entire check.

I have been out here five years, and my daughter and I have both been victims – we are two for two. Until it happens to you, you can’t imagine the anger, and it doesn’t have to happen. Maybe we should steer TCU in a different direction and ask them to try to be proud of the highest statistics on their campus safety, instead of how much money can be seen by the public for charitable contributions. We ARE your statistics. We deserve to feel safe coming to school and work and right now, it’s clearly not enough! Many are the Victims of TCU – HELP US!

Tamera Danielson, uniform custodian for the Air Force ROTC