RAD class promotes crime prevention

TCU females can learn self-defense techniques and then practice on their instructors at the Rape Aggression Defense class Saturday and Sunday.The class is designed to teach females to avoid and escape attacks, said TCU Police officer Mike Fazlinejad, co-instructor of the course.

Fazlinejad said the class begins with a discussion about prevention of potential attacks. He suggests closing blinds at night so no one can see inside and parking in well-lit areas.

The instructors then teach technical punches and kicks, Fazlinejad said.

The simulation, where students practice their defense skills on an officer is the final part of the class, Fazlinejad said.

Officer Walker Johnson, co-instructor of RAD, said it was developed by a retired police officer from Virginia. He said the techniques taught are effective and do not require any familiarity with martial arts.

Johnson said the class focuses on crime prevention techniques and teaches students to be aware of their surroundings. He said, in theory, someone who is aware of her surroundings reduces the chance of an attacker surprising her.

However, Johnson said, prevention will not protect someone when they are being attacked.

“Knowledge of crime prevention techniques isn’t going to protect you when someone has you wrapped up in a bear hug,” Johnson said. “So, we also teach many methods of physical self-defense.”

Officer Pam Christian said the class is an excellent way for females to learn to defend themselves. Christian has been arranging and setting up the classes for several years.

The class is on Saturday and Sunday from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.; attendance on both days is required, Christian said.

Christian said students should dress comfortably enough to be able to kick, but that they do not need to bring anything to the class.

Johnson has been teaching the course since spring 1999. He said teaching the class is important to him because he wants to give a level of peace of mind to the women he teaches, as well as to their families.

“(The class) is a highly effective and solid system for giving any potential victims a fighting chance for escape,” Johnson said. “And, more importantly, ultimate survival in case of an attack.

“It is also a great chance to take out your frustration on a police officer who wrote you that ticket last week,” Johnson said.