Officials: Intruder steals undergarmets

TCU Police said Monday that they do not know the identity of the man who was seen trespassing in the women’s swim team locker room Thursday night.The female member of the swim team who confronted the trespasser looked at a photo lineup Monday of eight people who fit the suspect’s description but said none of the men was the one she had seen, said TCU Police Sergeant Kelly Ham.

Ham said at about 7:35 p.m. Thursday, an unknown male was in the women’s swim team locker room at the University Recreation Center. When confronted by a female team member, the unknown male fled the area, Ham said.

Ham said the police are looking at surveillance footage taken outside the locker room in an attempt to identify the man. He said they are able to look at numerous angles from different cameras.

“We see him leaving the locker room holding some of the women’s undergarments,” Ham said. “But the really weird thing is he is never on camera entering the locker room.”

Mary Ellen Milam, assistant director of campus recreation, said she was the only staff member on duty Thursday when the incident occurred. She said she did not know how the man entered the Rec Center.

“It is our policy that everyone must show a valid university ID to get into the Rec Center,” Milam said. “But I do not know the specifics of what happened in this case.”

Keleigh Wentworth, a member of the swim team, said the incident was “bizarre.”

“He took some stuff out of my locker,” Wentworth said. “The swimmer (who confronted the man) saw the guy with my sweatpants.”

Wentworth said she is hopeful they will find the suspect as soon as possible.

Ham said the police are working hard to solve the crime but are asking for students help.

Anyone with information about the incident should contact TCU Police at 817-257-7777.