Friedman to make campaign stop at TCU

Friedman to make campaign stop at TCU

“Why the hell not?” is the campaign slogan for gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman, who will be speaking about his campaign at 6:30 p.m. Thursday in Ed Landreth Hall Auditorium. The Young Democrats will be hosting the speech followed by a debate between the Young Democrats and the College Republicans. Jason Ratigan, a senior history major and member of the Young Democrats said the debate will focus on the four most divisive issues in politics today – gay marriage, abortion, gun control and capital punishment.

Friedman, a songwriter, comedian and star of his own reality television show, will be making a campaign stop on campus to discuss how he can change Texas politics, according to his official Web site. Friedman will speak and answer questions before the scheduled debate.

“We asked Kinky to come because he is such a popular character,” Ratigan said. “We have gotten some very positive feedback from students, faculty and the public.”

Ratigan said he expects more than 500 people to show up for the event.

Jim Riddlesperger, chairman of the political science department, said he is excited Friedman is making a stop at TCU.

“Kinky has made his living off of being funny for the past 30 years,” Riddlesperger said. “I think his campaign is based upon frustration with the political process in Texas and a slam to both political parties.”

Riddlesperger said it may be a long shot for Friedman to turn frustration into a strong following but it will be a fun campaign to watch.

Riddlesperger said he will be unable to attend the event because of a prior engagement, but he thinks everyone should try to make to the speech and debate.

“I wish I could be there,” Riddlesperger said. “I have my Kinky poster hanging up in my office.”

Admission is free and the event is open to the public.