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Although we do not have a winner in the Student Government Association presidential race yet, it is not too early to look toward the future of the SGA. Judging by the fewer than 2,000 students casting votes in Tuesday’s election, one of the main focuses of SGA this year should be educating the student body about its activities.

Through the use of public forums, letters to the editor and sidewalk fliers, SGA needs to work on getting its message out.

Each week, the House of Student Representatives meets and votes on bills many never hear about. This is partly because meetings, although open to the public, are rarely attended by the average student.

The Skiff does cover these meetings, but there needs to be a greater push by the SGA to educate students about who its representatives are. This could easily be accomplished by posting representatives’ names and contact information on bulletin boards next to each SGA department office.

Many on campus only think about SGA once a semester, when the Activities Funding Board releases its decision on which organizations will receive what money.

The education issue is a two-way street, however. The student body must make representatives aware of its opinions so it can be properly represented by SGA.

The student body only hears from SGA representatives when they want to be elected. There should be open forums allowing for students to voice their opinions on pending legislation.

Students elect their leaders to serve every one’s best interests. Representatives should, in turn, honor their positions and treat them as more than just a r‚sum‚ builder.

Students, take an active interest in SGA. It is up to you to make sure it works for you like the candidates said they would during the campaign.

News Editor Michael Bishop for the Editorial Board