Students signing up to lease apartments

Students signing up to lease apartments

Students jumped at the chance to reserve a spot in the GrandMarc at Westberry Place apartment complex Monday at the grand opening of the leasing office.Joanna Baylock, a GrandMarc representative, said there has been a steady flow of students visiting the office to receive leasing information and to pre-lease apartments.

“We have already leased 10 of 244 units,” Baylock said.

Johanna Janovsky, the leasing office business manager, said she didn’t know how students would react to the price of the apartments, but said she is pleased with the turnout.

“You never know what to expect on opening day,” Janovsky said. “We have been very busy, and I only expect the number of visitors to increase in the weeks to come.”

The leasing office, located at 2711 W. Berry St., provides students with brochures, price lists and promotional items. It is also equipped with a mock apartment decorated with furniture that will be used in the actual apartment complex.

Each unit is furnished with a brown leather couch, upholstered chairs, wood shelving units, leather dining chairs, and a washer and dryer. The kitchen will feature wood cabinets, all-black appliances and a stainless steel sink.

Ryne Wilson, a transfer student who lives in the Marquis at Willow Lake apartments, said he is interested in moving into the GrandMarc apartments because he will save money on gas and meet new people.

“I am constantly driving to and from campus, so I can’t imagine the money I will save from living in walking distance to everything I need,” Wilson, a neuroscience major, said. “Also, I am a transfer student, so I don’t know many people. Living in a campus community will allow me to meet other students.