Your View

As most of us know, the Student Government Association elections were this past Tuesday, Nov. 8. But what not all of us know is who was actually running. True, they do post signs up and down the sidewalks on the way to class, but who are they really?As a member of a sorority, I was exposed to some of the candidates and what their agendas would consist of if elected. However, only one running for treasurer, one for vice president, and four of the five candidates for president came by. Even though some may have just been busy with other tasks, I would think that more would have tried to get their name and face out there. They should know that was the most effective way of forcing people to hear about them.

I am not active in SGA, so I am not aware of the politics involved in running. What I do know is that if it takes a pony, candy, and Capri-Suns to win, then the positions held in SGA should not be given much credit by the administration. If SGA wants an effective voice in decisions primarily made by staff, which they have said they are working for, they need to prove that they are experienced, mature students who are truly working to better our TCU community.

Crossley Davis, sophomore business major.