Paper not a PR agent

Recently, members of the Student Government Association have levied charges that the Skiff does not adequately cover their organization, resulting in low voter turn out. As SGA representatives have defended their institution, we must address the level of coverage they have received this semester.Two reporters are assigned to SGA. They keep editors abreast of the happenings at meetings and write stories as needed.

The duty of the school newspaper, however, is not to simply list every last detail of what SGA is doing – or is not doing – for the student body after each meeting.

Last semester, SGA overhauled many aspects of the organization. This warranted the 21 stories published.

This semester, newsworthy SGA meetings and events have been few and far between.

The paper’s budget is limited. Many stories will not fit in the paper due to space constraints.

A lengthy feature explaining the views of each candidate couldn’t run in the paper in its entirety, thus we ran a question and answer online.

We did a story on the officer election, but it wasn’t finished when we went to print. A deadline is a deadline, so we opted to run the results in the paper and the story online – where deadlines are not a concern.

It is not the duty of the Skiff to advertise for SGA. It is not the duty of the Skiff to advertise for SGA officers.

The opinion page is an open forum for all students and organizations that wish to have a voice. If SGA members want to promote their causes, they are free, as are any other students, to submit their views for publication on this page.

But when considering the news pages of this paper, SGA must remember: The Skiff is not a press release.

Editor in Chief Gabe Wicklund for the Editorial Board