Putting a new spin on ‘recycled music’

With props such as a 55-gallon drum, a jack hammer and a drum set, the group Recycled Percussion will be stopping by TCU to perform at 7:30 p.m. today at Frog Fountain as a part of its “Rock Your Junk” tour.The young group, made up of three “extreme” drummers and a DJ, turns what it calls “junk” into a phenomenal transformation of power percussion.

“There’s no band that does what we do,” band founder Justin Spencer said. “We’re the first of the pioneers.”

The group members, who travel the country playing at college campuses and NBA games, said they are always ready for the unexpected.

“(Our show) is mayhem, anything imaginable can happen,” Spencer said. “It’s just four dudes playing their hearts out.”

Spencer said the group’s roots began 10 years ago at a high school talent show as a joke. He said they got the idea of beating on “trash” from a kid in New York who was beating on a 10-gallon bucket.

Band member Greg Kassatis said the group was looking to begin its own unique sound.

“We wanted to start our own genre of music that no one else had,” Kassatis said. “We collaborate different types of percussion, and our DJ adds a lot of the background sounds that the drummers can’t create.”

Recycled Percussion is one of the most in-demand shows touring today, according to the band’s Web site.

Programming Council Director of Special Events Vanessa Flores said she thought the group would bring all different types of students together to its performance.

“It is my goal as a director of Programming Council to produce events that are diverse and can draw different crowds rather than attract one population of the campus,” Flores said. “Now that we finally have the opportunity and the resources to (bring Recycled Percussion to campus), I didn’t want to miss it.”

Flores said she has heard nothing but rave reviews about Recycled Percussion and said the hour-long performance will be amazing.

“They will perform on a stage at Frog Fountain, and there will be lights, smoke, instruments and music,” Flores said.

Recycled Percussion members said they promise to leave you mesmerized.

“We’re going to blow Frog Fountain out of the water,” Kassatis said.