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College’s value lies in friendships, lessons learned

Colleges value lies in friendships, lessons learned

So, it’s the time of year where I am supposed to say my goodbye. I’ve been putting this off for almost two weeks now. It’s not that I am not excited to leave, because anyone who knows me realizes I’ve had a countdown going since the first day of school … three months, 24 days; two months, 18 days; one month, 10 days; and now, finally, only 15 more days until I graduate. But there is a part of me that is sad to be leaving.It’s amazing what I’ve learned since I’ve been here. Most has taken place outside of the classroom. I’ve learned procrastination usually bites you in the butt, but often provides the best setting for late nights at IHOP. It’s the IHOP nights that you learn who your friends are, and you learn how to laugh yourself to tears in exhaustion over the stupidest things.

I’ve learned there will always be people who don’t like you. You can’t do anything about it. Be yourself and you’ll always have friends. Changing yourself just makes both of you fake.

I’ve learned that keeping your mouth shut is often the better choice.

I’ve learned that the boys that will make you cry in sadness will never add up to the men who will make you cry in joy.

I’ve learned a deadline is a deadline, and you’re just out of luck if you miss it.

I’ve learned 10 shots of tequila in one sitting is never a good idea.

I’ve learned how to laugh at myself and my own stupidity – especially since I seem to trip over things that aren’t even there. Don’t laugh at me, Matt!

I’ve learned how to manage my peers. I’ve had my mistakes and my successes.

I’ve learned the group of people at the Skiff are often the funniest, most random, most open people who will be my friends for years. Even though there has been the occasional joke about pushing them down the stairs. Haha, sorry Alice.

I’ve learned how to live happily with some of the craziest roommates. Hats off to my roomie across the ceiling, Allie, who taught me just how to open up to things I never thought I would.

I couldn’t say anything bad about Cat, who made me laugh so hard while we watched Ellen and snuck in the cheap bottles of wine.

And, of course, to the girls that have been with me for two years now. I couldn’t have asked for better friends. We have our dinners and our humongous shopping extravaganzas, and Ashley’s “lessons” have helped us all. I will truly miss everything about living with you crazy girls.

I’ve learned most of all just how much I’ve changed without even noticing it. I am in no way the same person who entered the Moudy Building three and a half years ago, and I know that my friends, professors and experiences at the Skiff have helped shaped me into a person who is excited about her future. My heart will always bleed purple.

So of course, I get to say goodbye to term papers, late-night Wednesday trips to the Pub, college nights, sleeping in, mid-afternoon naps and a work schedule that starts at 11 a.m.

But I know that what I’ve learned here makes me more than capable to say hello to all that awaits me. I even got to learn a little about the advertising world, too.

Tiffany Cox is a senior advertising / public relations major from Frisco.

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