Online Exclusive: Cat Power extended review

A lot has happened in the three years since Cat Power’s last studio album.Following “You are Free,” she’s dropped Dave Grohl and Eddie Vedder in favor of the Memphis Rhythm Band, and she filled out her trademark spare sound with more than just a piano and guitar.

The brains behind the name, Chan Marshall, will release “The Greatest” on Jan. 24. Despite the name, “The Greatest” will feature 12 brand-new tracks from the Atlanta-bred troubadour.

Recorded in Memphis, Tenn. with a throng of reputable Tennessean musicians, the album will be more aurally robust than past albums, employing stings, brass and the power of percussion.

Among Marshall’s collaborators is Mabon Hodges, who co-wrote many of Al Green’s ’70s, including “Take Me to the River” as well as “Love and Happiness.”

“The Greatest” does not mark Marshall’s first visit to Memphis. Marshall’s second album, “What Will The Community Think?” was recorded in legendary music town.

The 12-track disc will also boast a shortened version of “Willie Deadwilder,” condensing the song from the near 20-minute version found on the “Speaking for Trees” documentary.

In 2006, Marshall’s corresponding tour schedule sends her and the Memphis Rhythm Band across the globe, making nine stops from New York City to Paris. Unfortunately for Texans, there has been no mention of any Lone Star State dates for the infamously temperamental Marshall.

The album will be released on Matador Records, whose stable of performers includes indie-rockers Interpol, as well as Belle & Sebastian.