Iraq envoy draws war protesters

Iraq envoy draws war protesters

As former ambassador Paul Bremer spoke inside Ed Landreth Auditorium Friday, student protestors outside voiced their opposition to the war in Iraq.”What Will War Accomplish?” read a sign held by one student protestor on the lawn outside the auditorium.

Bremer, who served as presidential envoy to Iraq, spoke to promote his new book “My Year in Iraq: The Struggle to Build a Future of Hope.”

Lyndsay Peden, a freshman biology and political science major, is one of the students who organized the anti-war protest, which varied in size, ranging from four to 12 people.

“I don’t agree with the reasons the war was started,” Peden said.

Robert Grebel, a junior political science major and a member of Peace Action, the group that helped put together the protest, said he disagrees with how the war in Iraq has been handled.

“Bremer’s presence on campus gave us the perfect opportunity to protest,” Grebel said.

Other posters displayed by the protestors read: “More Trees, Less Bush,” “Imperialism: We’re Soaking in It” and “Support Our Troops, Bring Them Home.”

Pam Christian, a crime prevention officer for the TCU police, was just one of the many TCU and Fort Worth police officers present during Bremer’s speech and the protest.

“I was told to just keep an eye on them and make sure they didn’t block any entrances,” Christian said.

Matt Manly, a sophomore premajor, is in support of the war in Iraq and did not take part in the protest.

Manly, who came to hear what Bremer had to say about his time in Iraq, said he knows it is the student’s freedom of speech to protest.

“It’s kind of ridiculous that they’re out there because there are soldiers out there dying and defending our country,” Manly said. “But it’s what makes America, America.