The Main, Frog Bytes offer healthier late-night options

The Main, Frog Bytes offer healthier late-night options

The Main will begin offering healthier late-night options today, and Frog Bytes now carries organic food in response to student demands, a Sodexho representative said.The Grill in The Main is offering wraps so that students still have healthy options after 8 p.m., said Legia Abato, marketing director for Sodexho.

Alissa Garner, chairwoman of the Dining Services Committee for the Student Government Association, said: “That’s something that always comes up, the healthiness of cafeteria food. After a semester of pushing for it, we’re finally starting to see some changes.”

In addition, Frog Bytes has introduced an organic food section and will remain stocked with salads, sandwiches and wraps throughout the night, said Sodexho general manager Rick Flores.

The changes reflect concerns voiced by the Dining Services Committee, Abato said.

Garner, a sophomore political science major, said SGA decided at its January retreat that offering more nutritious food at night would be a top priority for the committee.

“We decided it was important to have healthier eating options at night because that was important to students,” Garner said.

Abato said specialized foods always carry a surcharge and that the organic products will be more expensive, but that Sodexho has had success with the organic line at Tulane University and other schools.

“It’s a viable trend, not just taking the easy way out,” she said.

Abato said students can expect to see additional well-balanced food selections in the future.

Amy Landwehr, a sophomore finance, accounting and German major who was scanning the organic food selection Monday, said she will be especially pleased to see healthier options in The Main at night.

Landwehr, a member of the TCU Marching Band, said she had trouble finding healthy food when she would get out of practice after 9 p.m.

“The only thing they’d ever have is hamburgers, so it will be nice to have another option,” Landwehr said.

Abato said TCU has always tried to offer a healthy alternative at every station in The Main before it begins closing at 8 p.m.

Dining Services has a nutritionist on staff who looks over the menus and is available to work with any student free of charge if they contact Dining Services, she said.

Sodexho has also added salmon to the menu at Pond St. Grill in an effort to meet health concerns from various Greek students, Flores said. Pond St. Grill has sold more than 50 plates each night since it began offering salmon at the start of the semester, he said.

Garner said she thinks students will appreciate the new food selections.

“We have a campus full of students who are concerned with the environment and health,” Garner said.

Flores said Dining Services makes changes based on student feedback.

“This is something we’re trying and we’ll see if students actually connect with it,” he said.