Q & A Michael DePriest

When did you really first realize, “Man, I’m really fast?”I say my senior year of high school. I didn’t start off fast; as a freshman, I ran like a 4.9, 5 flat in the 40. A lot of other people were fast since the eighth grade and were fast when they came to high school.

What do you run your 40 in now?

Actually, I got a little slower recently. I run like a 4.36, but when I graduated high school, I was at a 4.28. I was also only 167 pounds, too.

You said in a class once that you had a manta ray?

It was a sting ray. Actually, it died like 3 weeks ago. I think one of the fish I got from the fish store made it sick … I bought an angel trigger fish.

Can you remember one ball you wish you really hadn’t dropped as a wide receiver?

Yeah, I do, which really kind of effected my whole career at TCU. In my first game as a redshirt freshman against Tulane (University), I was real nervous. I guess they were expecting a lot out of me and I was expecting a lot of me. (The route) was a vertical seam – I was playing inside receiver – and I was running and I didn’t look back and I just dropped it. I didn’t really drop it … I should’ve been paying attention. Actually, now that I think of it, that wasn’t the worst one. It was the same game; I ran a curl route, and I had my hands open. It went straight through my hands and bounced off my facemask and a dude intercepted it.

You know DePriest, whenever I’m walking around campus you’ve always got flyers for some party or something going on. What are you, a wedding planner?

No, I do promotions for a lot of different clubs. The club I’m doing right now is Stone Canyon in the stockyards. What we basically do is my brother, my roommate and I have a promotion company. We do music too, and I also sing.

Wait, you sing?

Yeah, I sing pretty well. I always wanted to go on American Idol, but I never had time. With football, when it starts I’d have to go to practice and stuff, and it wasn’t possible for me to do American Idol. It’s one of my aspirations in life.

Who’s your favorite professional athlete?

I don’t really watch sports too much. What’s that guy’s name from Carolina?

(Panthers wide receiver) Steve Smith?

Yeah, Steve Smith. He’s supposed to be like 5’10”, 5’11”, but I heard he’s 6 foot. I think he’s kind of an inspiration for athletes that are not like 6’3″, 6’4″.

What’s the hardest hit you ever took in football?

Well I was running (in a game versus Louisville) and I was looking back to see if Cory had the ball secured – I think he had bobbled it a little bit. The other guy was already coming up; it was funny, because the guy had already gotten me the play before, so I’m thinking “I’m gonna get him this time.” The next thing I knew, I was on the sideline talking to (running back Robert) Merrill and he was like, “You OK?” and I’m like, “Yeah, I’m OK.” Then he’s like, “You just got knocked out.” Then I’m like, “How DID I get over here?