SGA needs to show worth

The Skiff has been criticized time and time again by the Student Government Association for a slanted, often biased portrayal of what SGA does. That is just the point. What do they do? With five positions in the executive branch, 10 in the legislative branch, another five on Programming Council and four on the Judicial Board, one wonders, what do all these people do and what purpose is served?

The Skiff’s purpose is to provide readers with the news – play devil’s advocate if you will. It’s not for personal grudges or a disliking for any body that the Skiff harps on weak areas. It’s because the TCU campus has a right to know what a body working on behalf of the students is doing, or not doing for that matter.

According to the SGA Web site, the executive branch’s main purpose is to run SGA and communicate with the student body during the semester. How often does that really happen? Are students regularly polled or questioned? If they are, we must have missed it.

The House of Student Representatives provides a unified voice for students and encourages a clear and continuous exchange of ideas, according to the Web site. Continuous exchange of ideas? Other than a sporadic column by a member of SGA to the students, where is that flow of ideas coming from?

Programming Council’s mission is to plan entertaining and educational events for the TCU community, according to the Web site. Is spending mass amounts of money on fake snow entertaining or educational?

The judicial branch examines any violations with SGA documents. On the Web site, if you click on case history, it reads: “No Case Information is currently available. Please check back later for more updates.”

The point of SGA should not be about quantity, but rather quality of the positions.

Ironically, those interested in running in the representative elections today may enroll as late as five minutes before election time. With this rule, students will be hard-pressed to evaluate the quality of candidates.

– Editor in Chief Courtney Reese for the editorial board.