Talk is cheap; get involved on campus

It’s not uncommon to sit in the Main and hear students complain about Student Government Association. I suppose they have every right to when they spend enormous amounts of money to attend a school like TCU. Part of a student’s tuition goes toward events put on by Programming Council and improvements proposed by the House of Student Representatives. I’ve been a member of House for two years, and I see everything that goes on, and it’s a ton.What irritates me is when people don’t know or care to know what SGA does. Students seem to think that we are some mindless entity of overengaged students who bicker back and forth until we get tired of hearing our own voices. This is simply not true. Nor are we looking for fame and recognition. Almost all of what SGA does goes unnoticed by the student body, mostly because we do not exist for recognition from students, but rather for the benefit of students.

It also irritates me when students complain and don’t take action.

Once again, you pay enough to complain. Complaining causes changes and gets things noticed. But when complaining happens and that complaint stays at the table after it is uttered, this is irritating. People even go as far as saying that students on campus have a reputation for being uninvolved, selfish and detached from any leadership or external commitment outside of class.

This is untrue, and I speak outside of SGA as well. I see very dedicated students in all areas of the university: fraternities and sororities, RA’s, IFC, religious organizations, sporting groups – just look around you. This university is floating with leaders, active and potential.

It is the potential leaders who don’t get involved that scare me.

There is no better time to refine leadership skills and gain invaluable experience than in college. So my advice is to get involved in something, anything..

The House of Student Representatives has 26 vacant seats. Why didn’t you apply for one of these open seats, voice the concerns of your fellow students and refine your leadership abilities? Elections for empty house seats are today. Instead of having the mentality of, “use the school, get a degree and jet,” try to better the campus. TCU owes its current standing to its past leaders. So do something crazy, research what different organizations do, sign up for an organization, find something that you see needs fixing and fix it. Maybe we can start getting rid of those “potential leaders,” and turn them into actual ones.

Ryan Johnson, Chair of Communications for SGA, is a sophomore Radio-TV-Film major from Colorado Springs, Co.