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TCU’s Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation holds the Shaddock Marketplace on Friday, April 5. (Aliyah Howell/Staff Writer)
TCU students and alumni showcase entrepreneurial ideas at the Shaddock Marketplace
By Aliyah Howell, Staff Writer
Published Apr 12, 2024
Come experience the opportunity to shop or sell at TCU's Shaddock Marketplace that happens once every semester.
Vaping makes a comeback
Published Apr 11, 2024

Steppin’ out

Steppin out

Do you ever find yourself sitting at home watching TV because you are low on cash? It’s no secret college-aged adults don’t have a lot of spare money lying around, so here are some places where students can still have fun while saving money.

To steal a line from “Office Space,” “Sounds like somebody has a case of the Mondays.”

It’s the first day out of the weekend and probably not the most exciting day. Main Event Entertainment is hoping you will catch its Monday Night Fever.

On Mondays from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m., a person can bowl, play billiards and engage in laser tag for only $10. For the same price, you could also get an unlimited game card and play any arcade game that does not give away prizes.

After your long night of bowling and laser tag, you might want to rest on Tuesday. Get together with a group of friends, and watch that little show called “American Idol.”

The school week is hitting the halfway mark, and you might want to save your money for the weekend. No problem. The Modern Art Museum is free on Wednesdays.

The Modern is the oldest art museum in Texas. Its permanent collection houses more than 2,500 pieces of work, so there is plenty of things to see.

Amber Alston, a freshman pre-business major, said she usually only goes out about twice a week, and spends between $10 and $15 each night she goes out.

Alston said, “I usually go to the movies and then to the comedy clubs downtown.”

There is no need to go downtown to see improvised comedy on Thursdays. At 9 p.m., students can go over to Moudy Building North and watch the Senseless Acts of Comedy for free. If you are still looking for something to do after the show is over, Billy Bob’s is free after 11 p.m. All you have to do is show your ID, and yes, it is an 18 and older club.

Ryan Panno, a junior accounting and finance major, said he if he goes out, it is between Thursday and Saturday.

He said he only goes out about twice during the week and spends about $50.

“If I was 21, I would go out to bars because that is where my friends go,” Panno said.

It’s Friday and school is done with until Monday. Now, you could go see a movie for $6.50, or for an extra $3.50 you could go see the Fort Worth Brahmas play its latest opponent.

The Brahmas are a minor league hockey team that play downtown, and unlike a movie theater, not only is it allowed, but you’re also encouraged to make some noise.

Jessica Fowler, a freshman premajor, goes out with her friends about three days during the week.

“We go to the movies, out to eat and Starbucks a lot,” Fowler said. “Occasionally, we will go out to Billy Bob’s. I spend about $20 each night I go out.”

Instead of spending anywhere from $20 and $60 to go out only three times a week, you can go out four times, and still only spend $20.

College students may not have the largest amount of spare money, but that doesn’t mean they can’t go out and have a little fun.

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