Panel to administer relationship advice, communication tips

Questions concerning relationships and the opposite sex will be answered by a panel of students today at 5 p.m. in The Main during the “She Says, He Says” event.Yvonne Giovanis, assistant director of the Alcohol and Drug Education Center, said this event is about having healthy communication in a relationship.

“This is more critical than having information about condoms and STDs because (partners) need to have that communication before (being intimate),” Giovanis said. “It is an opportunity to give students a chance to voice their questions in an anonymous way and hear what others have to say.”

Participants can either ask their questions during the event or submit them in a question box, which will be kept at a table outside the Student Center between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Giovanis said that using this method to ask questions will allow panelists to choose respectful questions from participants who remain anonymous.

Marcy Paul, director of the Women’s Resource Center, said the goal of this program is to acknowledge differences in communication styles.

“Both men and women are shortchanged and have advantages in how they communicate with each other,” Paul said. “The key is to get both sexes talking, trusting and sharing responsibility in communication.”

This program is a combined effort of the Alcohol and Drug Education Center, the Women’s Resource Center, Programming Council and Hyperfrogs