Less experience better than lies

It’s just over three months away from graduation time, and thousands of college seniors nationwide are growing a little nervous. The days of campus life are numbered and beyond them lies the dark, frightening frontier of the American workforce.The process of applying for jobs is undoubtedly an intimidating one, and there is a substantial amount of pressure on these job-seekers to not only find the right job in the right profession, but also to look good while doing it.

As RadioShack Chief Executive Dave Edmondson has recently shown, that pressure can sometimes force people to do silly things – such as lie or blatantly falsify significant pieces of a r‚sum‚ and hope, against basic logic, that it will go without being caught.

Edmondson has recently come under fire for erroneously – or accidentally, as he claims – listing a degree in both theology and psychology from Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College (now Heartland Baptist Bible College). The school says that it not only lacks records of Edmondson’s graduation, but also it has never even offered degrees in psychology.

Though he has not yet been fired, and it is still unclear if he will be, Edmondson has forever lost the reputation he spent so many years attempting to build. Students may forget his name with the passage of time, but potential employers will not. His name is now branded in the collective consciousness of reference-checkers everywhere, who are surely doubling the efforts in an attempt to keep their companies from becoming the next commercially-traded sucker.

So as the days tick by toward May, remember that no matter how bleak or empty your r‚sum‚ may appear to be, the truth will ultimately serve you better than the extended one with more fallacy than fact.

Sports editor Travis Stewart for the editorial board.