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TCU’s Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation holds the Shaddock Marketplace on Friday, April 5. (Aliyah Howell/Staff Writer)
TCU students and alumni showcase entrepreneurial ideas at the Shaddock Marketplace
By Aliyah Howell, Staff Writer
Published Apr 12, 2024
Come experience the opportunity to shop or sell at TCU's Shaddock Marketplace that happens once every semester.
Vaping makes a comeback
Published Apr 11, 2024

Forget the bar; go see a ballet

By the end of this article, you should be running to your nearest fine arts theater to catch the next ballet performance. Okay, maybe not running, but possibly more of a brisk jog.Last week I went to my first ballet performance. Yeah, I said it. Ballet. While I didn’t initially attend it out of my own free will, I’m now glad that I had the opportunity to go.

I first heard about it when I was invited to attend the opening night of the “Stars & Premieres” performance at Bass Hall. At first, I was pretty excited about it – possibly because I was asked to go by a really good-looking girl – but as the evening approached I became a little apprehensive about going.

I thought, “Man, I hope it’s not boring. I don’t want to fall asleep during the performance. That probably wouldn’t make a good first-date impression.” I actually went as far as to drink half a Red Bull before I went out just to make sure I didn’t doze off.

Now just so you know, I wasn’t scared to go. It’s just that ballets weren’t necessarily at the top of my “Things to Do While Attending College” list.

Surprisingly enough, I really enjoyed myself! While I won’t use words like “krunk” to describe my experience at the ballet, I will say that the performance was very enjoyable.

The performances were very intricate and it was clear that the performers had worked very hard on their acts. I can honestly say that I didn’t even look at my watch once during the performance because it was that good. One of the performances, titled “Image,” was a solo routine based on the life of Marilyn Monroe. Another performance that I really enjoyed was titled “Love Thing” and had its dance routine set to a Tina Turner soundtrack.

Afterwards, I thought to myself that more guys should go see a ballet performance at least once during their college tenure. Now, before you say, “Is this guy smoking something?” hear me out.

A lot of times college students can get caught up in all of the bars, clubs, and other social activities that make up much of college life. Students, however, should also make time for more intellectual activities that happen every week around their campus and community.

Whether it be ballet, a choir or orchestra performance, listening to a guest speaker, or – God forbid – the opera, students can become intellectually stimulated by these performances; this can lead to a more diverse perspective on life.

Many of these performances even offer free or discounted tickets to college students. Last Friday, the ballet department on campus had an AIDS benefit performance that was free for everyone. Bass Hall also offers Student Rush tickets, which that can be purchased an hour before the event for only $10. So with prices like those, you really have no excuse.

The bars will always be around. But for now, bring on the opera.

Glenton Richards is a senior radio-TV-film major from Carrollton.

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