Director: Play allows cast to use real-world skills

Theatre TCU will stage its first performance of “Misalliance,” a comedy by George Bernard Shaw that examines the relationship between children and their parents, tonight at Buschman Theatre.Play director T.J. Walsh said “Misalliance,” which was originally written in 1909, remains relevant to the student body today because it illustrates the conflict between generations.

“One of the overriding ideas was the gulf between parents and children, particularly parents and their adult children,” Walsh said.

Walsh said he hopes students listen to the ideas in the play.

“I hope they allow themselves to get in to the world of George Bernard Shaw’s ideas, his ideas of parenting, his ideas of literature and what it can do,” Walsh said. “In a university I hope the students are open to listening to new ideas.”

Walsh said rehearsals with the nine cast members began the first Monday of the semester.

Sarah Elizondo, a sophomore theater major, said the play is relevant today because it deals with issues current to students.

“It is relevant because it deals with parent and children relationships, the roles of women in society, class differentiation, and the ideals of marriage,” Elizondo said. “Those are all issues that still go on.”

David Vieira, senior theater major, said rehearsals helped him get comfortable with the other actors.

“Comedy requires a lot of practice and repetition,” Vieira said. “We as actors need to learn how each other works and moves on stage to elevate the story.”

Walsh said the play is valuable to the actors because the same skills will be required of them upon graduation.

“They are going to be cast in this type of play and they need to have this comfort level with the language,” Walsh said. “They need to make it so simple and true to their characters that it doesn’t seem like they’re being false with the language but rather that the language is natural and true.”

Vieira said he wanted to be a part of “Misalliance” because it allowed him to be on stage.

“Theater is what I do; I love being on stage,” Vieira said. “It’s a really good production that almost never gets produced.