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Use care on resumes, expert says

Fort Worth-based Radio-Shack Corp. will close 12 stores in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, with special sales beginning in May.It is unknown how the closings will affect Fort Worth’s economy, but John Thompson, marketing intern coordinator for business undergraduates, said the closings will have no effect on potential internships.

Thompson said there are more than 40 area companies seeking TCU students to serve as interns, and that he sometimes has problems filling the requests he gets for interns.

According to RadioShack’s media relations, the closings are unrelated to the scrutiny Dave Edmondson, former RadioShack CEO received for falsifying his r‚sum‚.

Edmondson’s resum‚ came under attack after a biography posted on RadioShack’s Web site showed that he claimed he earned degrees in theology and psychology from Pacific Coast Baptist College in San Dimas, Calif.

Enrollment records at Pacific Coast, which moved to Oklahoma City in 1998 and was renamed Heartland Baptist Bible College, show that Edmondson completed only two semesters of coursework, and that the college never offered degrees in psychology.

Jacqulyn Curry, TCU human resources employment coordinator, said RadioShack isn’t the only institution to fail to check the facts on a r‚sum‚. TCU had a similar situation occur.

Curry said there was one instance where a man claimed he had received a bachelor’s degree on his TCU employment application. After he was hired, administrators learned he had falsified his education and was fired as a result.

After the RadioShack incident, more companies are alert of r‚sum‚ fraud, so students need to put careful thought into writing their r‚sum‚s, Curry said.

Curry said there are two types of people who are not entirely truthful on their r‚sum‚s.

“Sometimes people want a job, but they don’t meet the stated requirements in the job description,” Curry said.

These students think they should be able to substitute the experience they do have with that which is required, or don’t consider experience to be important, Curry said.

“Therefore, using careful wording, an applicant’s r‚sum‚ can appear to meet the qualifications and thus, will secure an interview for them,” Curry said.

Curry said the other group of people are those who flat out lie on their r‚sum‚s.

Shirley Rasberry, director of the Graduate Career Service Center, said she hopes students are more aware of the importance to be honest on a r‚sum‚, and to not be tempted to lie.

“Honesty and integrity is something that we teach across the board anyway,” Rasberry said. “None of the students in the five years I have been here have asked me to help them stretch a certain point on a r‚sum‚.”

In order to enhance a resum‚, Rasberry advises students to avoid writing in paragraph from but to identify academic and professional accomplishments.

Stay away from clich‚s and really focus on selling yourself to the potential employer, she said.

“Don’t say you are self-motivated because, who is going to say they aren’t self-motivated?,” Rasberry said. “Don’t expect an employer to read between the lines, and go ‘Oh yeah, that’s what we are looking for.’

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