Senseless Acts lacks performance space

Although the semester has begun and student organizations have shifted into full-gear, one group of students lags behind.Senseless Acts of Comedy, the student comedy troupe, has found themselves without a performance space and unable to begin their weekly comedy shows, said Michael Flusche, SAC president.

“We just got kicked to the curb,” said the junior advertising/public relations major.

Flusche said he was recently notified by Cyndi Walsh, director of student organizations, that due to teacher complaints, SAC could no longer use Moudy Building 141 North for their performances.

“I think there was a problem with us using the visual equipment and the sound system there,” Flusche said. “The next day the teachers weren’t able to use the equipment correctly.”

Walsh said professors have issued complaints about SAC’s use of the room.

“Professors are wanting to be able to use the space to teach,” she said. “They felt that their teaching was being hindered by the use of the space by the organization.”

With the exception of one semester, when the troupe performed at the Frog Theater, SAC has used space in Moudy since the organization formed in 2002.

Each week, SAC drew in a crowd of 100 to 150 students, said Kathy Hamer, the group’s faculty adviser. At one show, she said, there were almost 300 students in attendance.

“It’s great that there’s a place on Thursday nights with no alcohol where so many students come out,” Hamer said.

The group, whose mission is to provide free entertainment to all students, has also done their share of community service, Hamer said.

They have performed at Up ‘Til Dawn and raised money, through performances, for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. They have also teamed up with Frogs for Fair Trade to provide their audiences with free fair trade coffee during shows.

On Sept. 7, SAC will meet with the Student Organizations Committee to present their case to continue using Moudy 141 for their performances, Walsh said.

The committee will take a look at all the information presented, said Walsh, and either support the decision to no longer let SAC use Moudy or recommend it be reversed.

Hamer said she hopes the quality and consistency of the organization will weigh in when the committee makes its decision.

In the event that the Student Organizations Committee supports the decision, SAC’s fate is still unsure, Flusche said.

“I fear we’re not going to be able to have a show every week because of this,” Flusche said.