Don’t abuse security escorts

TCU provides many services for its students, faculty and staff, and the most important of these is safety.In addition to a dedicated TCU Police force and a Fort Worth Police Department officer on patrol around campus, is a group of students who use golf carts to ensure the safety of students on campus every night.

We’ve all come to know them by their official name – Froggie Five-0.

The student escort service, which began in 1996, provides approximately 3,100 rides around campus each month in conjunction with escort services by TCU Police.

It’s important for students to know about Froggie Five-O’s services and to utilize them. However, students, especially freshmen, need to realize that Froggie Five-0 was established to protect students – it is not a taxi service.

Froggie Five-O is not a service designed to shield students from the wrath of cold or rainy nights.

TCU is a compact campus and everything is within reasonable walking distance, so unless you are legitimately concerned about your safety, there’s no reason to employ Froggie Five-O. Besides, walking is good for you.

As extra eyes and ears for the police, drivers for Froggie Five-0 are trained to coordinate their actions with the police and to know what to look out for when it comes to the safety of fellow students.

Crime alerts sent out by TCU Police contain helpful information and links to information on how students can protect themselves at night.

Even if you know someone who works for Froggie Five-0, are new to TCU or feel you shouldn’t have to go to FrogBytes under your own power to buy Red Bull, it’s important to remember that someone who truly feels uncomfortable about walking alone or is in need of assistance may be counting on that same ride.

Ryan Claunch for the Editorial Board.