Student-run board more effective

TCU has taken an extra step toward making the treatment of all students more equal.As reported in the Skiff earlier this month, all students may now appeal alcohol citations to a committee comprised of five to eight students and a residential staff member. The students who serve on the committee are members of a 32-student board representing every dorm on campus with the exception of Brachman Hall, which had a lack of applicants.

Before the fall 2006 semester, alcohol citations received by Greek students were handled differently than those issued to non-Greek students. Whereas non-Greek students could appeal their citations to a peer discipline board, Greek students were only allowed to explain their case to one of two assistant deans of Campus Life: James Parker and Shelley Story.

Imagine having to explain yourself or your tequila ticket before a man or woman who hasn’t lived in a residence hall in quite some time; it would be difficult to convince them of your innocence, whether true or not.

Additionally, having only one person assess your appeal is too subjective.

The peer discipline board is more effective and more comfortable for students appealing a citation; most students would rather explain what happened to a fellow student.

In order to properly handle alcohol citation appeals, it’s necessary to have a panel that students can relate to. This way, the process is more efficient, and the decisions reached are more consistent.

Every student on campus should be treated the same regardless of whether or not they are Greek.

Greek or non-Greek, we all deserve the right to a fair trial, even if it does only involve having two Keystone Lights in our dorm minifridge.

-News editor John-Laurent Tronche for the editorial board