Police: No charges filed after weekend assault on student

The TCU Police Department will not pursue a case in which a female student said she had been sexually assaulted Saturday morning, said the TCU Police chief.An investigation will not be conducted because the victim did not press charges, said Steve McGee, TCU Police chief.

The incident, which occurred outside the Worth Hills area, involved the student voluntarily getting into a vehicle after talking with two men in a sport utility vehicle. The two men are described as being Hispanic, one of whom has a tattoo on his chest.

“Since there are no charges against the two men, we are not allowed to investigate this matter any more,” McGee said. “The victim still has the right to press charges if so desired, and she was encouraged to do so by our officers.”

The student’s name will remain disclosed due to the nature of the crime, said Glory Robinson, associate dean of Campus Life.

McGee said it is a Texas state law that no name will be made public when a sexual assault crime is reported. Instead, a pseudonym, or a fictitious name, is used.

McGee said the Fort Worth Police Department was not contacted about the incident because a report was not filed.

Kirk Bryom, TCU neighborhood police officer for the Fort Worth Police Department, said Fort Worth Police do not have jurisdiction on the matter because it occurred on the TCU campus.

The victim is being offered help from Campus Life and will continue to receive the proper health care resources needed both on and off campus, Robinson said.

“We encourage all students to report any type of incident that happens,” Robinson said. “Students should be aware of their surroundings, especially at night.