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Club to cast for fall film projects

Before all of TCU’s aspiring actors, actresses and dancers go to Hollywood, the Student Filmmakers Association is encouraging them to audition tonight for three upcoming film projects, said the association’s president.Jonathan Nicholas, the SFA president, said this semester is SFA’s second year on campus as a film club, though, he said, the association only made one film due to a smaller budget last year.

This semester, SFA is working on three, five-minute films, one of which will be a music video, said Nicholas, a senior radio-TV-film major.

“No Vaseline,” the music video project, portrays a college student listening to an Ice Cube song on his iPod while walking to class, Nicholas said.

“The main character of the video has created his own little world,” Nicholas said. “The strange thing is that everyone he walks by or encounters is singing and dancing to the same song playing on his iPod.”

Nicholas said “No Vaseline” needs background actors and dancers of all ages.

The other two films, “Road Trip: The Adventures of Chris and Jeff” and “The Internship,” are also about college students, Nicholas said.

The first film is about two college men who are swindled into giving a woman a ride home in the middle of the night, Nicholas said.

“The ride turns into an awkward 45-minute road trip,” Nicholas said.

The second film is about two friends who decide to intern for a film director, he said.

“The main characters discover the director may not be who he says he is,” Nicholas said.

Nicholas said SFA is looking for a varied group of individuals who are interested in learning about and participating in the film process.

While auditions are open to students, faculty and staff, Nicholas said SFA is looking for a large student presence in each film.

“We are looking for the student body to play a large role in our three projects,” Nicholas said.

Rebekah Fear, a junior radio-TV-film and theatre major, said involvement in the films will be a unique experience for students.

“You don’t get this kind of opportunity every day,” Fear said. “To make a film is a wonderful experience.”

Fear, who is in charge of auditions and casting for the film projects, said the filmmaking process might seem time consuming.

“Time commitments shouldn’t hinder anyone from auditioning,” Fear said. “One weekend will be dedicated to each film.”

Chris Goble, vice president of SFA, said he hopes those who audition will bring their ideas to contribute to the films.

“SFA considers the creative input of everyone involved in the projects,” said Goble, a senior radio-TV-film major.

Goble wrote and is directing “Road Trip: The Adventures of Chris and Jeff.”

“As far as films go, the process is a tremendous learning experience for everyone, from the directors and producers to the actors and dancers,” Goble said.

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