Dance show gives outlet to student choreography

Dance show gives outlet to student choreography

Four dancers dressed in black leotards stood poised before a bleacher- and balcony-filled dance studio Monday at this semester’s Brown Bag Dance performance.Brown Bag Dance is an event put on each semester by dance students and serves as an opportunity for them to gain experience and express themselves through their performance and choreography, said Krista Jennings, a junior ballet/modern dance and English major.

“We have to find the time and space,” Jennings said. “It’s something we take into our own hands because we want to do it.”

Jennings, who performed in one piece, said she also choreographed another and organized this semester’s event.

“I had a lot of hats today,” Jennings said.

Contemporary ballet, modern jazz, modern dance and jazz funk were the different styles performed.

Anne Lukowiak, a sophomore ballet and art history major, said she sometimes practiced eight hours for the two performances she danced in and then worked at home on the piece she choreographed.

“Choreography is a passion of mine,” Lukowiak said. “It’s definitely worth all of the time.”

Lukowiak, who primarily performs ballet, said she enjoys the freedom of choreographing contemporary dance.

Students also run the show from behind the scenes. They design their own costumes as well as choose and run the music, said Abigail Hansen, a senior ballet major.

Hansen said she has never danced in a Brown Bag Dance show due to her involvement in other dance performances but usually does crew work for the event.

“It’s good experience as you go into the dance world to know how to put on a show,” Hansen said.

It’s also beneficial because all dance majors are required to choreograph a piece their senior year, Hansen said.

Brown Bag is another opportunity for seniors to see the dancers they will cast for their senior project, Hansen said.

“Some students in Brown Bag aren’t dance majors, so it lets the seniors see other dancers at TCU,” Hansen said.

While Jennings said the only advertising for Brown Bag Dance was through Facebook and word of mouth to family and friends, the bleachers and balcony were full.

“Everyone showed their support,” Jennings said.