Purple Reign

Purple Reign

TCU’s Homecoming weekend was not only a success for the football team, but also for Programming Council as the 2006 Homecoming festivities went over well with fans, said the Homecoming Committee adviser.”Overall, we were extremely pleased,” said Kim Appel, Homecoming Committee adviser. “We received a lot of positive feedback in regard to the traditional homecoming events, as well with the new events introduced this year.”

Sean Conner, director of Ticket Operations, said a large number of fans attended the football game, too.

Attendance for the Horned Frogs Homecoming game reached a grand total of 31,394 screaming fans.

PC Director Aaron Wolfe said the events went great and the whole council was very pleased with the results.

“It could not have gone smoother,” Wolfe said. “Attendance was really high at all of the events, and everything was very well organized, especially Frog Follies, which we had down to 10-minute increments.”

Wolfe said he was impressed with this year’s Battle of the Bands winner, Third Ordeal. “They have only been a band for a few months,” Wolfe said, “and they played four songs, two of which were newly written just before the event.”

Appel said PC encourages students and faculty alike to get in touch with the council office if anyone has any ideas or improvements regarding next year’s events.