Holiday Gift giving guide for couples

By this time of year, you have visions of finals and projects dancing in your head. As if you didn’t have enough to deal with, you have to get your significant other a present. Don’t fret, the perfect holiday gift giving guide is right here. Most students said clothes and gift cards are the most popular gift items to give to their significant other.

Rob Coffman, a senior economics major, said he thinks clothes are also an easy way to go.

“I think it is because you only have to find something that looks good, and not what looks good on that person,” Coffman said.

He said gift cards are the cop out. It is not creative and something only parents give, he said.

This year, why not step away from the standard gift giving of clothes or gift cards and think outside the box.

Shoppers looking to avoid the hustle and bustle of malls may want to stroll online. is one Web site that helps people find a gift forthe entire family.

Customers start off by taking a short questionnaire that asks questions about their significant other’s personality. After three questions, compiles the personality that best fits your significant other and lists several gift item possibilities.

If their girlfriend is “the thinker” according to, then she might like a Wizcom InfoScan Handheld Scanner, which is an electronic note taker that is used like a highlighter and loads notes directly onto a PC. For the sudoku lovers, an electronic handheld sudoku game is available.

Other personalities of women classified on includes the Aachiever, country clubber, adventurer, deomestic diva, hipster, super mom, natural woman, trendanista and urban sophisticate.

Don’t worry ladies — has a solution for you, too. Perhaps your boyfriend is “the guy’s guy” – and his idea of a perfect day includes going to a Super Bowl game or a trip to a hardware store.

The ultimate gift for most boyfriends is a seven-foot, Bing Bong Beer Pong Table, according to the Web site’s Gift Guru Top Pick. They might also like a rock ‘n’ roll legends T-shirt.

Stores are not the only option in gift giving. Some couples opt for homemade gifts that come from the heart.

Lara Keihner, a freshman advertising/public relations major, said she prefers gifts that remind her of her boyfriend.

“I think if you made a photo book for him or her, then that would remind you of each other,” Keihner said. “Making dinner together would also be a great homemade present.”

Out of the other students interviewed, most of them said they wanted a simple present.

“I just want quality time together,” Coffman said. “I also want hugs and kisses this year.”

Rebecca Upjohn, a senior biology major, said she wants something that has meaning behind it, and it doesn’t have to be flashy or expensive.

“I’ve looked at Web sites to get ideas for things I could possibly make myself for less money,” Upjohn said.

If college doesn’t allot the time to make homemade presents, then students can shop at stores like Ruby and Cabela’s.

Bushnell ImageView 2.1MP Digital Binoculars are one of the more popular items sold at Cabela’s, said Jon Wallace, marketing event coordinator for Cabela’s. If girlfriends want to buy their boyfriends a more extravagant gift, there is theLiberty Gun Safe, which ranges from $129 to $4,000.

The most important thing boyfriends need to know when buying their girlfriend a gift is to not buy them anything practical.

Lynn Schoondergang, owner of Ruby, said men shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help while inside stores.

“Any time you buy a gift, buy something that they wouldn’t buy themselves,” Schoondergang said.

Popular items at Ruby include long necklaces with charms and Rolling Stone magazine bags that depict a past cover of the magazine. This year, Ruby also carries the Rolling Stone magazine wristlets, which Schoondergang said are like clutches.

Although the holidays is a popular time to spend money, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a person to let them know how much you care.

“A lot of people think that gift-giving has to involve a lot of money if you want to give amazing presents,” Upjohn said. “However, I think the best things you could have for a fabulous gift-giving season are a creative imagination and a lot of love.