Vandals target cars in, around campus

Vandals were busy smashing windows around the TCU area over winter break, causing more than $13,700 worth of damage to both TCU and local properties.Nothing was reported stolen after unknown suspects broke a radio-TV-film department truck’s windows with a pipe at about 3:30 a.m. Dec. 28, causing an estimated $10,000 worth of damage, TCU Police Sgt. Kelly Ham said.

Damage to the windows of a bus-stop shelter in the parking lot north of the football stadium amounted to about $1,300, said Hollis Dyer, superintendent of maintenance.

Six other cars’ windshields were also smashed the prior week in areas around TCU. These incidents may have been related to the TCU vandalism, Fort Worth police officer Kirk Byrom said.

“It looks like they just went on a spree that week,” Ham said.

Fort Worth Police Department estimated damage to neighborhood vehicles at $2,400.

“To actually bust out the front windows has no theft intention. It’s all about destruction,” Byrom said.

No theft was reported in any of these incidents.

The TCU vandalism was captured on one of the parking lot security cameras, Ham said. TCU Police have no leads in the investigation, he said.

Judging by their heights on the video, Ham said, the suspects appear to be teenagers or older.

The RTVF vehicle remains parked behind the football stadium all year and serves as a television production truck for athletic events, said Ross Bailey, associate athletics director.

“For any sports broadcast, ESPN or Metrosports or whoever it is hook straight into the TCU truck because the wires already run straight from Daniel-Meyer Coliseum and the football stadium, so they don’t have to run new wires at every game,” Ham said.

The vandalism will not affect the coverage of spring baseball games, Bailey said.