So you’ve decided you want to go to a movie tonight. You’ve also decided to take out that special someone or tag along with a group of friends. But with all the movie theaters there are to decide from in Fort Worth, it can be tough to determine which ones are best for your needs. We brought in our Fort Worth movie expert to tour each theater around town and help you decide which one to go to for the best movie-watching experience possible. Hey, if we’re going to pay $8 for it, it better be good. Read on for our top seven movie theaters in Fort Worth, ranked worst to best…
7. United Artists Hulen 10

This theater was average at best, but upon pulling into the parking lot I noticed … it’s no longer in business. So I don’t advise planning a romantic trip with your lady friend to see a movie at UA Hulen 10. However, I have heard there is a planned takeover of the spot by a new company that intends to equip the old facility with stadium seating and 5.1 digital sound. We’ll keep you posted.

6. Starplex Hulen 10

Located relatively far from TCU, this theater is much like all the other AMCs, though its location has landed it the No. 6 spot. It has no stadium seating, so, if a tall person sits in front of you, it’s all over. The sound quality is poor, and the movie selection is poor due to area competition. The price is the same as other AMCs.

5. AMC Palace downtown

A prime location but an average theater. Right on Sundance Square, it’s a good place to take a date because it’s near all the bars and restaurants. No stadium seating, poor sound, uncomfortable seatbacks that squeak a lot make this theater average. It competes with the other AMC downtown, but, if possible, see a movie at that one; our No. 4 theater.

4. AMC Sundance downtown

A slightly worse location than No. 5 but a slightly better theater if you plan on going out downtown. It is generally cleaner and brighter than Palace and, to my knowledge, gets the better films. Unfortunately, the sound quality and comfort of the seats are no better than the other AMCs.

3. Ridgmar Movie Tavern

This theater has a different twist to it. It’s a tavern, which means you can enjoy a meal and have a drink while you watch a movie. It’s a great place to go with a group or on a date. They don’t get the best films generally, and it’s not what anyone would call a “luxury” theater, but, if you want to have a beer and eat something more substantial than Sour Patch Kids, this is the place to go.

2. Hollywood Cinema Burleson

Despite its location, this theater ranks No. 2 because it is one of the best places to catch a movie in Fort Worth. It has the top films, because there is no competition in the area, stadium seating and 5.1 digital surround sound. It also lacks the hordes of high schoolers crowding the entrance of our No. 1 theater. If you don’t feel like fighting the masses, and you don’t mind a bit of a drive, it’s worth it to go see a movie at Hollywood.

1. Rave Motion Pictures Ridgmar

This is the biggest, the brightest and the most modern theater in Fort Worth – 5.1 digital surround sound, excellent stadium seats, comfortable, clean and luxurious. It’s miles ahead of every other theater around here. Even the menus at the concession stand are displayed on LCD screens. Nearly every movie plays here because there is limited competition in the area. The one problem with Rave is that it has become wildly popular with loitering teenagers, but there’s no better place to go see a film. The price is about a dollar more than most places, but the movie-watching experience is twice as enjoyable.