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Greek organizations planning unity week for upcoming April

The Greek community is working to unite for a week of philanthropy and fun. The Greek organizations are drafting plans to hold a weeklong celebration coined “Greek Week,” which would unite the 15 sororities and 14 fraternities on campus.

Panhellenic President Hannah Munsch said they hope the week of events will take place sometime in April, if each organization’s schedule permits but stresses they are still in the early planning stages.

Matt DiLeo and Lindsay Rames, former directors of community relations for the Interfraternity and Panhellenic councils, began drafting the proposal last year.

The proposed idea will combine all Greek councils to create and host a full week of events. The Interfraternity, multicultural Greek, national Pan-Hellenic and Panhellenic councils will all have influential and integral parts in deciding what those exact activities will be.

Additional questions such as where the event will be held and what part each sorority and fraternity will play have not yet been answered, and a formal committee will be assembled sometime soon, said Matt DiLeo, IFC president.

“I think it’s a great way to show the true meaning of what being in a sorority or a fraternity is,” said Jessica McNeil, a junior nursing major. “To see all the groups together doing positive things on campus would show everyone the positive side of greek life.”

Rames got the initial idea for hosting a “Greek Week” from a leadership program and thought the concept would be beneficial here.

“The goal of the program would be to help unite the entire Greek community at TCU,” Rames said.

DiLeo said the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs approved the idea late last semester and once the committee is assembled, the arrangements will be made concrete.

An informational meeting was held Jan. 29 to discuss potential activities and events for the organizations to host during the week.

“We just implanted the idea into the presidents’ heads,” DiLeo said.

Later this week, “Greek Week” committee members will be elected to start setting up the event.

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