Valentine’s for everyone, not just one

It’s that time of year again – the one and only Valentine’s Day.Today is traditionally the day to profess love for that special someone and to fill the pockets of Hallmark, Olive Garden and chocolate manufacturers around the world.

And for singles, today is traditionally the day to lament their lack of a loved one or attempt to ignore the over-commercialized holiday all together.

It’s no doubt Valentine’s Day has multiple meanings depending on where one is in life. For some, it can be good. For others, it can carry a bad stigma.

But what if this day could somehow have just one meaning, for the betterment of everyone?

Rewind back to Valentine’s Days in elementary school when everyone would receive a handmade Valentine from every child in the class. There were no exclusions, such as only receiving a Valentine if you had a boyfriend or girlfriend. The idea was to let every child know he or she was special and loved.

Let’s bring back those good ol’ days, or at least the thought process behind it, and change Feb. 14 into a universal day of love and acceptance.

The Valentine’s Day accepted by society zeroes in on only one small aspect of love.

Love doesn’t have to be an exclusive thing. In fact, it shouldn’t be. Valentine’s Day can still remain a celebration of it. But instead of celebrating loving one person and isolating the rest, it should be a day to celebrate loving every human being.

What if today everyone was recognized as special no matter his or her relationship status, race, gender, religion or status in society? What if today every person made it a point to do something nice for a stranger? What would the world be like if love and acceptance were universally celebrated for just one day?

So while taking that special sweetie out to dinner tonight, remember love makes the world go ’round, and make it a point to smile at a stranger and spread a little love.

The world will be a better place today because we did.

Features editor Amber Parcher for the editorial board.