UDLA explains its actions to Boschini

The Universidad de las Americas, which temporarily shut down its newspaper last month, sent Chancellor Victor Boschini an explanation of its actions, but TCU administrators declined to say whether they are satisfied with the explanation. In the days following the newspaper’s closure, Provost Nowell Donovan condemned UDLA’s actions, and said TCU would re-examine its relationship with its sister university.

After UDLA’s newspaper was shut down, Donovan told the Skiff he was “saddened” by UDLA’s actions and unjust censorship shouldn’t be a policy at any university.

After Boschini received Chancellor Pedro Angel Palou’s letter articulating his university’s side of the story Feb. 13, however, Donovan said TCU’s deliberation about what to do concerning the situation will continue. UDLA’s letter was dated Jan. 31 but was delayed through international mail.

“I am advising the chancellor on what to do,” Donovan said. “There is no timetable on a response. We don’t do knee-jerk responses.”

Along with the letter to the chancellor, Palou attached a statement that defended the UDLA administration in its Jan. 16 closure and subsequent reopening of the university’s newspaper.

The statement, which Palou requested be published in the Skiff, also criticized the Skiff’s coverage of the newspaper’s closure.

A portion of the same release was posted on UDLA’s Web site Jan. 31 but was removed in the following days.