Q & A: Caleb Bulls

Q & A: Caleb Bulls

Q: When and why did you start playing tennis?A: I started playing tennis when I was 11 or 12, and both of my parents played so I just got into it through them.

Q: What has been your biggest match in your career?

A: I would probably say my first match at TCU this spring. Before this, I went to junior college and it was good, but this was everything I had worked and practiced for.

Q: Do you prefer to play in singles or doubles matches?

A: I really actually prefer doubles a little bit more, probably because I’ve won more in doubles so far. Also, it’s just nice to have a teammate out there with you because it can get a little lonely during singles.

Q: Do you have a specific routine before your matches?

A: I usually like to get a good meal in beforehand and crank up the iPod for a little bit. Then, I take a shower, get warmed up and go.

Q: What parts of your game are you happy with and what do you need to work on?

A: I’m happy with my forehand for sure and my consistency; I get to most of the balls. I could definitely work on making my serve a little more offensive, as well as my backhand.

Q: Which opponents look as though they are going to present a big challenge and which are you especially excited about facing?

A: Baylor is probably going to be the biggest challenge. They are always ranked top five, and they have a really good team. I’m excited about playing some of our conference teams just because we get to go to San Diego. Also, I’m excited about playing Texas A&M because I grew up close to there.

Q: How do you keep focus on the tasks at hand throughout the season?

A: I think a lot of it is time management. If you can stay on top of your courses, it’s usually not too big of a deal. If you know when you’re going to practice and set aside time for practicing and whatever else you do during the day, it’s usually not that difficult to accomplish everything.

Q: Do you have a specific off-season plan that you go through?

A: I will probably take a week or two off at the beginning and let the body rest up and everything, but I usually can’t take that much time off without getting too excited to play again. So, once I get into the middle of the summer, I will start playing a ton of matches again and that will lead up to the school year.