Enter internship for right reasons

Most of the time, students find high-quality internships to be few and far between. In this day and age, everyone wants the paid internship at the huge company that people are familiar with.It is time we take a step back in to reality. Internships are meant to help us learn the skills that will help us find and obtain the jobs of our dreams. It is a time to form relationships with companies and people working inside those companies in order to get our foot in the door for a job.

Many times people overlook what parts of a summer internship are the most important. Often, people think that the internships they can get with their friends, the ones that pay the most or even the ones that require the least work are the ones they want.

I’ve been struggling recently with this idea. I am trying to find the right place to be an intern. But sometimes, we have to let the right place find us.

Some students are strong writers, while others are strong listeners or organizers. We all have our own talents, and we are all unique. We need to realize there is always a place for us, even if it isn’t our first choice.

Internships allow all of us a time to grow and learn something we cannot quite grasp by sitting in the classroom. It is not only a benefit because it prepares us for the “real world” we are all going to face one day, but it also gives us an opportunity to let companies fight for us.

It is a known fact that internships look great on resumes. What we may not remember is that the more companies we intern for, the more doors we are opening for our futures. Most of those companies are considering us for jobs when we graduate.

We all need to spend a little more time working on our skills and building our resumes, and a little less time worrying about how well-known the companies we are interning for are.

This idea does not only work when thinking about internships, though. It can be used daily, whether it is in class or at home. We all have talents and abilities our neighbors do not, and we all have different paths for our lives.

But often, we try too hard to get there. We think too much. We overindulge. We have to start realizing that life is full of ups and downs, but in the end only one thing matters. Did we give it our all? Did we put our best foot forward? If the answer to this is yes, then there is nothing more in this world we need.

Marissa Warms is a junior advertising/public relations major from Irving. Her column appears Fridays.