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Man accused of harassing, gets warning

TCU Police apprehended a suspect after he was seen by a TCU groundskeeper harassing a female student behind Smith Entrepreneurs Hall on Monday.The suspect was held by TCU Police officers and issued a criminal trespassing warning for being on campus and not having any business with the university, TCU Police Cpl. Brad Murphey said.

Murphey said the warning means that if the suspect is seen on campus again, he will be arrested on sight.

TCU Police described him as a 17-year-old male.

The suspect told police he was waiting for his brother, who is a student; however, TCU Police said they could not verify this.

Groundskeeper Douglas Kokes alerted the police about the suspect’s suspicious behavior.

“I saw him walk in front of a girl, he extended his arms, and, when she looked up from her phone startled, he moved to the side and let her walk by,” Kokes said.

Kokes said he was reluctant to ask for the suspect’s name because he was unsure if he was a student; however, when Kokes saw how the female student reacted, he immediately contacted TCU Police.

TCU Police Officer Dale Connor said the suspect was acting suspiciously in Winton-Scott Hall until TCU Police entered the building.

“He was clowning around in the hallway, and, when he saw us, he flew out of the building,” Connor said.

The suspect then went to Main Campus, turned around and then entered Winton-Scott. When TCU Police arrived in the south entrance of Winton-Scott, the suspect immediately left the building through the north entrance facing.

Murphey said he then hid behind bushes between Sadler Hall and Reed Hall, where he waited to see if he was still being pursued by police.

Murphey said he arrived close behind the suspect on his bicycle and apprehended him.

TCU Police would not release the suspect’s name or the name of the suspect’s brother because no arrest was made.

After the suspect was issued the criminal trespassing warning, he was released and instructed to leave TCU property by Murphey and Connor.

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