Police: No suspects in robbery of couple outside Aardvark

There are no suspects in the investigation of an aggravated robbery that took place Friday night outside of the Aardvark, Detective David Sears said.According to Fort Worth police, two men robbed a young male and female in the 3100 block of Greene Street using a folding knife with a five-inch steel blade as the couple was leaving the Aardvark.

Kirk Byrom, a Fort Worth police officer, said one of the assailants grabbed the woman’s purse and pulled her to the ground, causing abrasions to her hand and arm. The other suspect approached the male victim with a knife and demanded his wallet.

After the man and woman surrendered their property, Sears said, the assailants quickly fled the scene on foot, leaving little evidence for police to identify them.

The couple described the two suspects to police, but because of the generic descriptions and lack of witnesses, Byrom said, the police would most likely be unable to identify the suspects.

“We solve most of these when they commit an additional offense,” Byrom said. “(They’re) either better identified or a vehicle plate is gotten.