Programming Council hosts Austin folk band

Students will have the chance to catch an Austin folk band on campus tonight in a special Programming Council concert.PC is hosting a concert that will feature Vanessa Peters & Ice Cream On Mondays.

“The purpose of this concert is to just have fun,” said Kristen Chapman, PC president. “The school year is wrapping up, and we just want everyone to come to the concert, hang out with friends and have a good time.”

Vanessa Peters & Ice Cream On Mondays is a smaller band that has made its mark in Austin. They were brought to TCU through associate professor Laura Prestwood, who saw them on a study abroad trip in Italy.

Peters worked at the place where the students stayed and played for the group, Prestwood said.

“Professor Prestwood saw them and then contacted us about the band, and now we are really excited to have them on campus,” said Natalie Boone, PC adviser.

Vanessa and her band are originally from Texas and she has played at other area campuses, Prestwood said.

“I thought it would be fun to have her play here if she was in the area,” Prestwood said.

According to the band’s MySpace page, Peters is voted as one of the top 10 folk artists in Austin.

“Vanessa considers her style as ‘milkshake folk rock,'” Preswood said. “It’s not hard rock and it’s not folk music; it’s somewhere in between. I liked it so much I bought her band’s four CDs that are already out.”

Although she is well-known in Austin, in the last two years she has toured across America twice and has toured all over Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic, according to the band’s MySpace page.

“I would encourage students to come out and support a local band,” Prestwood said. “Vanessa just got out of college and is trying to make a name for herself and it would help her out a lot if students would show their support.