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Students try to beat gravity in challenge

Red Bull gives you wings … and possibly a free trip to Red Bull Flugtag in Nashville, Tenn., if you win the Red Bull Gravity Challenge on campus today.Programming Council is co-sponsoring the Red Bull Gravity Challenge today on the Sadler Lawn from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The challenge will consist of an egg drop from 50 feet and the winning team will get to go to the Red Bull Flugtag on June 23.

Flugtag is German for “flying day,” and it is Red Bull’s national event that challenges the everyday creative genius to build a human-powered flying machine that gets pushed off of a 30-foot ramp in hopes of achieving flight.

“The challenge is a come and go kind of thing,” said Aaron Wolfe, PC vice chair. “We will have 10 teams and they will be judged on creativity, theme and whether or not their egg breaks.”

The teams participating had to apply to Red Bull directly and after signing up, the team received a free case of Red Bull to get them started. Then, the teams have to design and build their “egg machines.”

“There is a lot of interest in the challenge,” Wolfe said. “I’m really impressed with the turn out so far.”

Red Bull came to PC with the idea of the challenge because they had previously helped fund Howdy Week, and they expressed interest in doing other on-campus events, said Natalie Boone, PC adviser.

“Red Bull has done most of the work with setting up and stuff, but PC helped them out with publicizing and booking the facility,” Boone said.

Boone said the Gravity Challenge will not only include the egg drop but also fun, music and a chance to hang out with friends.

“Although the Gravity Challenge overlaps with the Honors Convocation, we’ll try to keep the music down until they’re done,” Boone said.

Ido Farhi, freshman SGA communications chair, is also a participant in the egg drop.

“I saw the ad on Facebook and I thought it would be an interesting challenge for our team, since we are all engineering majors,” Farhi said.

Heather Carlson and Andrew Neill are on the team with Farhi. Their theme is the “Egyptian Redbells.”

“We tried to get ‘Redbells’ to sound like rebels and Red Bull at the same time, so we could incorporate Red Bull into our team name,” Farhi said.

To get more points for their team, Farhisaid, he and his teammates have opted to base their design on pyramids. This way they can be tough competition, Farhi said.

“I’m excited about our design and I’m not that worried about the competition,” Farhi said. “We have a good team.

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