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SuperFrog to celebrate with live band

In honor of TCU mascot SuperFrog’s birthday, Programming Council is hosting a concert tonight with pizza, music and fun, said PC members.At 6:45 p.m. on Sadler Lawn, the Andy Davis band will perform to celebrate the mascot’s birthday.

“Its good to have stuff like this at the end of the year, so the students can de-stress before finals week starts,” said Kristen Chapman, PC chair.

Chapman and other members of PC went to see the Andy Davis band one weekend in February.

“We knew one of his good friends, Dave Barnes, who performed at the fall 2005 Homecoming pre-game activities,” Chapman said. “Since they play in the same circle, we called Andy Davis’ agent and booked him for SuperFrog’s birthday party.”

Andy Davis is appearing tonight with a full band and is scheduled to start the concert about 7 p.m.

According to the band’s MySpace page, “Some say his music style is like Damien Rice meets Ben Folds, others say he is a young Billy Joel with an acoustic guitar.”

Last year, at SuperFrog’s birthday party, PC provided the students with Freebirds World Burrito. Both Chapman and Wolfe said complaints from last year’s event included that there was no music and not enough food.

“This year, we are celebrating with a simple event for SuperFrog’s birthday with an awesome concert and plenty of pizza and soda,” said Aaron Wolfe, PC vice chair, “It’s just a way to show students that PC wants to give students what they ask for.”

“I’m really excited that SuperFrog’s birthday is here again,” said Patrick Landis, a sophomore political science and history major. “There’s free food at a time when my meal card is nearly empty.”

Wolfe said Phillip Homza, a freshman finance major, has been doing most of the work for this event and he is doing a good job so far.

“There have been advertisements everywhere on campus and we’re hoping for a good turnout,” Chapman said.

Chapman said that when Andy Davis plays, he wants you to sing along and have fun with his music.

“Last year proved that traditionally SuperFrog’s birthday is a ‘come-and-go’ kind of thing,” Chapman said. “We want to make it a ‘come-and-stay-a-while’ thing.

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